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Our second annual Costume Ceilidh was lots of fun! Hosted at Laser Mania, we ate pizza, had a costume contest, and played laser tag!


Participants were given the instructions to create a costume incorporating their instrument.

The costume entries

Ian was a kraken attacking a ship (with sails on the drones)

Della was a red dalek from Dr. Who (with drum mallet/stick probes)

Keighly was Link holding four-swords in a stone (from Legend of Zelda)

Ashley was Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Emily was an alien with tenor mallets as antenna (and a UFO with aliens she made herself!)

Fifth place winner prize: glow in the dark poop!

It really glows!

Fourth place winner: funny animated moustache and eyebrows glasses!

… and a laser pointer!

Third place winner: poo-dough! (with yellow dough for corn and peanuts)

Second place winner: a Bacon Bowl!

First place winner: a Fart piano!

Ian serenades us!

Laser tag winner of the day: Ashley!

Everyone had a great time, our sincere thanks to Laser Mania!

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