2015 Stone Mountain Highland Games   Leave a comment

Our annual trip to Atlanta Georgia for the Stone Mountain Highland Games was sunny but cold. There is always lots happening at the games, it is definitely a fun-filled trip!

Warming up with Roxanna from Jamestown Pipes and Drums

Warming up with Wake and District Public Safety Pipes and Drums

A big circle!

On the line for massed bands!

Wave 1 of massed bands, we are 3rd from the top!

The full field of massed bands

Lots of counter-marching!

After the games, we enjoy the Stone Mountain Lasershow Spectacular!

We had to sit on a cold rock, but the show was great!

The next day we climb Stone Mountain! A great moral builder!

We walk apx a mile around the mountain to start at the base of the hiking trail. Start chewing gum now!

A steady ascent

Add your gum to the gumpole!

Farther up, we were able to go UNDER a tree!

Squeeze through!

We climb on…

We take a break at the pavilion

Building strength for a steep ascent!

We are above the trees!

Almost to the top!


Wave to the cable car passengers

We roll coins over the side..

.. who’s rolls the farthest?

After exploring and snacks, we take the cable car down


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