About the Band

PCS Pipe Band is a fun and exciting traditional Scottish bagpipe and drum band serving Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg Mississippi and the surrounding area. The band is the only high-school based pipe band in the state.


PCS Pipe Band’s mission is to continue the heritage of Scottish culture through its musical art form;
to be ambassadors for our school, city, and state and perform when needed; to properly train pipers and
drummers for performance in the pipe band through a structured, disciplined curriculum; and to prepare
pipers and drummers for their own future pipe band career.


The PCS Pipe Band tartan is Ramsay Ancient Blue. It matches the school colors and is readily available for not only kilts, but other accessories.



The band struggled with a logo for some time, and several versions were submitted but not approved. On May 9th, 2013,  a new design based on the existing Presbyterian Christian School shield was suggested. As the brainstorming session ensued, Clay Thompson suggested wrapping the drone cord “around” the shield. Keighly Beall quickly sketched out a rough version on the white board:


A final version was rendered based on the sketch:


The final version retains the existing PCS logo’s shield, PCS lettering, flame, and motto. Drumsticks were added to the upper left, and a drone was added to the upper right. The drone cord wraps “around” the shield, and provides a place for the “Pipe Band”  wording.


In February of 2015 the logo was updated to include a tenor mallet with a snare stick in the upper left corner, therefore including all instruments of the pipe band: bagpipes, snares, and midsection (tenors and bass).


This new logo was used for a marching banner:




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