PCS Pipe Band is an after-school organization open to anyone who wants to join. While we are primarily a juvenile band, we welcome anyone of any age. Many of our members are students at other schools, home-schoolers, or adults. We provide a structured, classroom setting with defined goals at a high standard.

Why join PCS Pipe Band?

Any music program builds confidence, responsibility, creativity, and discipline. A pipe band builds upon those foundations and adds its unique style and martial heritage to provide a crisp ceremonial performance. Certain colleges also offer bagpipe or drum scholarships. We are the only school based pipe band for states around.

What does the PCS Pipe Band do?

We are an active band, performing regularly throughout the southeast. If you are interested in learning an instrument that gives a parents recital once a year, this is not for you. We march in parades, perform at highland games, various ceremonies, churches, etc. Performances are our primary source of funding. Pipe bands are encouraged to compete to keep standards high, and we are working toward that goal. Members are encouraged to compete solo.

What will I learn?

No experience is necessary, we teach from absolute beginner level.

All students will learn basic music theory so they can read their own music/scores. Students will also learn how to march in formation and take direction from the Pipe Major or Drum Major.

In addition:

Midsection (bass and tenors) will learn to play as a tuned section, with tenors flourishing. It takes about one semester (half a school year) to learn a midsection drum, longer for the flourishing techniques.

Sides/snares will learn the unique Highland/Scottish style of playing. It takes about two semesters (one school year) to learn side/snare.

Pipers will learn how to properly play their instrument in band and solo, as well as learning the history of their instrument. It takes about one school year to learn proper technique and several tunes. The student then transitions to the full set of pipes and it takes about another school year become proficient and comfortable.

The band also takes advantage of Skype lessons and workshops when available.

How much does it cost?

There are no dues/fees to be in PCS Pipe Band. Uniforms are issued after one school year of service and are property of the band. Members must purchase their own glen, shirt, black tie, kilt hose, and ghillie brogues. Drums are provided for drummers. Tenors must purchase their own mallets and snares much purchase their own sticks. Pipers must purchase their own pipes.

When and where do we practice?

We practice every school day, in whole or sections, throughout the school year at the PCS Elementary campus Music Room #308 3:30-5pm (3:30-5:30 on Friday). We continue practices over the summer three days a week. Everyone gets at least two lessons a week and is expected to practice at home and be ready for full band on Fridays. Our current schedule is:

Monday: Beginner Drummers

Tuesday: Beginner Pipers

Wednesday: All Drummers

Thursday: All Pipers

Friday: Full Band










Posted March 10, 2016 by pcspipeband

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