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2016 Christmas Ceilidh   Leave a comment

Our annual Christmas Ceilidh was a blast! We played Pirate Piper/Dirty Drummer, had snacks, and played Pie Face!

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2015 St. Michael’s Children’s Mass   Leave a comment

Our annual Christmas Eve Children’s Mass performance at beautiful St. Michaels in Biloxi.

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2014 Christmas Ceilidh   Leave a comment

Our second annual Christmas Ceilidh was in full swing! We started with snacks, rhythm cups…

Rhythm cups!

…and karoke!

Ian sings the hits!

Zachary went first, he chose the big box!

Inside: goofy glasses and the worlds smallest walkie-talkies!

Lydia went next..

.. and got a fart gun! (I wonder who brought that?)

Ian went next…

… and got a LED baby bath toy! A great gag gift!

Emily got a Potato Express!

Hayden got a Monopoly game!

Emma opened some brain teasers and laser blasters!

Della went next…

.. and opened a magnetic dart board!

Keighly got a whole bag of goodies!

Ashley Brook got a gift certificate to McDonalds!

Stylin’ and Profilin’!

Everyone had lots of fun

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2013 Christmas Ceilidh   Leave a comment

To wind up the year we decided on having a Christmas Ceilidh where we played “Dirty Drummer/Pirate Piper”! Rules were given where everyone would have the chance to either open a new gift or “steal” an already open gift.

Mystery gifts galore!

Holiday treats!

Rousing party revelry

Party snacks!

Various gifts were opened, including:
A Nutcracker


Moustache glasses!

Drinking Straw glasses!

A beard of candy!

Wiper Glasses!

Everyone left with a gift


Photos by Tracie Thompson and Janet Beall

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2013 Christmas Parades   1 comment

This year we performed in two Christmas parades on the same day: Hattiesburg in the morning and Petal in the afternoon. The day was overcast and COLD. In fact it was so cold, there were no (or very few, we didn’t see any) other marching groups in the Hattiesburg parade. Even so, we marched on!

We are freezing!

Kyle has the right idea: Hand-warmer ear-muffs!

“Warming Up” never took on better meaning

A large crowd was at the start of the parade

A tight snare line!

A booming midsection!

Four pipers piping!

We performed our best for the judges

At the end, we got our picture with some other happy parade participants!

Between parades, the band was treated with pizza and bowling! Who are these mystery band members?

We got smart for the Petal parade and bundled up. We also had Christmas lights attached to our instruments! The parade was well attended with very nice patrons.

Since completing two parades in the same day (especially in such cold weather) was a monumental challenge for the band, it was decided to reward the participants with a form of merit. Hence, anyone who marched in both parades received a gold star pin for their glen.

Photos by Dr. Darrell Lovins and Janet Beall

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